Natural Deterrent for Skunks

The prime reason for skunk entry to your garden is the availability of food. They are small animals with black or brown fur. There are numerous species of skunks. Skunks look for easy access to food. Hence, they settle near your garden to enjoy fresh food. The skunk harms are not hidden to anybody. They damage the growth of your plants, eat fruits and vegetables.

Skunks can dig deep holes in the garden and live inside the ground for several years. Plants do not have deep roots in the soil; thus, skunks can render plants useless. They would cause plants to dry by eating roots. You can confirm the presence of skunks when your garden exhibits sure signs of holes. Skunks are greedy animals that feed on grubs and insects. In addition to this, skunks can move into your house and attack pets such as parrot, hen, and cats. You can get rid of them with the application of natural and accessible ways.

Seal off Openings and Eliminate Attractions

The first step to stop skunk entry to your garden is sealing off openings. You need to search spaces that allow skunks to find a way to your yards. Mostly they come to seek food. Hence, it is advisable to remove attractions. You should not water lawns regularly because the serene environment entices skunks to your gardens. Furthermore, you need to establish good fences. It will deter skunks from slipping into your gardens.

Homemade Remedies

Skunks are sensitive to the smell of certain spices. You can use those odors to deter them. The most common of these ingredients include peppermint oil, salts, vinegar and cloves, and chilies. You need to mix these spices along with fat. Once the mixture is ready, you can shower it over the openings of the rodents. To obtain quick results, you should sprinkle the solution thrice a day. The consistent spray will urge rodents to find another place.

Use Predator Urine

You can also play a trick upon skunks with the use of its predator urine. Skunks predators include fox, domestic dog, and coyotes. Ammonia smell will work as an effective skunk repellent. Its scent feels like those of skunk predators. Therefore, an iota of ammonia will not allow skunks to stay near your garden. It contains heavy fumes that spread quickly and disturb the breathing of rodents.

Lightening Repels Skunks

You need to fix high intensity LED lights at the edges of your garden. The rays of light directly hit the eyes of the animals. They have weak eyesight. The illuminating light leaves no option for skunks but to vanish from the garden. Skunks assume lights as predators of their eyes. Besides, skunks are nocturnal animals. Hence, do not enter the garden, believing it’s still daytime.

Shortly, skunks are not merely a cute animal, but they are harmful to your gardens. They leave your refreshing oasis into a messed-up state. You need to adopt strict measures to prevent them and derive away from the garden. Otherwise, skunks can prove a fatal blow to your property and lawns.

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